Bathroom can also be an entertainment area!

Bathroom can also be an entertainment area!

Relaxation is no more about peace rather it seems to be about having as many cool gadgets around you which let you enjoy favourite music or any cool video irrespective of the place you are in? It may be a bathroom. Science has not left you alone even in the bathroom since many of us while taking bath feel alone if we don't have a bathtub with TV and MP3 player.I think i am quite right!

So far we have seen all sorts of shower cabins and bathtubs incorporating entertainment systems, or speakers and TV sets designed especially to fit in the bathroom, why not an MP3 mirror?

If you think that such an item doesn't exist yet, you might want to think again, because Italian designer Antonio Lupi
is now back with an MP3 mirror to give your bathroom a hi-tech feel and keep you entertained while you are getting ready for the day ahead.But let me tell you,bathroom is not an entertainment area,atleast for me.

This so-called MP3 mirror is provided with a music diffusion system fitted in the base and can also dock your iPod. The mirror features LED lighting to keep your bathroom illuminated at night.Moreover this music amplification system can be fitted to all mirrors with a steel made frame.

As far as availability and pricing is concerned,it is too early to say and for the time bieng just put it on the designer's site. If anybody has latest news regarding the pricing of MP3 mirror please leave in comments.
The Motion Tracking surveillance camera

The Motion Tracking surveillance camera


If you don't want anyone hanging around your office or your cubicle when you are away or if you are feeling timid about the thieves peeping into your house or if you want to do some quiet investigation then motion tracking web camera may be that cool gadget that fulfil your need.This spy camera is presented by Hammacher Schlemmer.

Well, this camera is capable enough to keep track of any mobile object and also you could yourself point it anywhere you like. Moreover if you have a fast internet connection you may use this cool spy gadget for live video footage.No matter how far you are, you will be able to get the live coverage from the camera premisis. This camera is smart enough to take a pan of maximum 180 degrees and a tilt of maximum 60 degrees.

Hammacher Schlemmer's Tracking Lidless Web EyeTop-notch surveillance camera can also be programmed to send you a signal on e-mail account as soon as it detects something moving (the camera comes with a software package allowing you to do this). The resolution of the video captured files is 640 x 480 at 30 fps. If you want to get a closer look at the cloaked shadow stalking your safe,this camera features 4X digital zoom. The integrated microphone will catch his ragged breath from a distance of 20 feet (approx 6m). The device is compatible with Windows XP or Vista, plugs via USB and costs $89.95.
Ajoka's Lighter Hidden Camera with 8 hour recording

Ajoka's Lighter Hidden Camera with 8 hour recording

There are some awkward circumstances in your life when you are unable to strengthen your grounds without video footage of some incident,especially when we talk about courts and trials.Quite aware of the facts and figures, Ajoka has presented the latest cool spy gadget Lighter DVR Micro Camera.

Despite its pretty small size,a fully charged Ajoka's Lighter Camera is capable of functioning for atleast more than 6 hours,the credit goes to Lithium-Ion battery.Ajoka's Lighter Hidden camera also comes with a microSD card with 8GB memory for a maximum of 8 hours of video and audio footage.Once it is turned on,recording will start until it is turned of.And, of course, you can light your cigarettes with it.


Price: 1800 US DOLLARS

Gorenje has always been providing its customers with unparalled and unique appliances for over past few years. Keeping up the same pace, the Gorenge latest product is a hi-tech stainless steel built-in coffee machine, dubbed CFA 9100 E.

The CFA 9100 E offers high quality performance, latest technological solutions and simple operation for modern coffee drinkers. It comes with push button control and an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen,used to display commands and functions in eight languages. This automatic machine provides a number of coffee brewing methods allowing you to choose the flavour of your own choice. It can also serve hot water only if you need a tea instead. Automatic switch-on time option is also available to have this Gorenje coffee machine ready for you in the morning or at a particular time.

I forgot to tell you about Auto Cappuccino,a unique function.This function is used for the preparation of Italian coffee with only a single touch of a button that enables you to brew a cup of a cappuccino any time.The machine is capable of forcing the exact amount of water through the coffee preserving the essential fragrance and authentic taste.

As we know that cleaning is often a bit burdensome. But, this is one of the most important benefits of the Gorenje coffee machine.Pressing the CLEAN button for a few seconds,you ll get antibacterial treatment of the milk dispenser and the inner suction tubes immediately.The self cleaning machine performs an automatic washing cycle at every switch-on and shut-off, washing away any coffee residues from the dispensing nozzles, preventing potential nozzle clogging. But due to various degrees of water hardness, the machine needs to be periodically descaled when the display shows a warning. The descaling program, again, is activated by simply pressing the DESCALE button.

You see how brilliantly Gorenje has taken care of all the aspects,really awesome.
Voice Recording Wrist Watch

Voice Recording Wrist Watch

Price:200$ only

Most of the Spy gadgets can have a pretty practical use, and that's exactly the case with the gadget you are about to see, called as Voice Recording Watch presented by Knightsbridge.

Voice recording watch,is actually the gadget that does nothing more than a digital recorder,except that it is hidden within the casing of an attratcive watch. This gadget supports an integrated 1GB of flash memory, providing voice recording of approximately more than 500 hours.Voice recording watch can also work as MP3 player.

Moreover, this pretty cool gadget that comes in metal casing in silver colour and is provided with a built-in rechargeable batteries, which can power the recorder for up to 9 hours.

The Voice Recording Watch connects to the computer using an USB 2.0 interface, which can be used for transferring the voice recordings stored in WAV and other required formats. Furthermore, it works with almost most of the popular operating systems including 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/MAC 8.6 etc.It has data transfer rate of 480 Mbps and is available in America only.
One Slot Toaster

One Slot Toaster

The One-Slot Toaster combines simplicity with sophistication. The user functions are easy and intuitive to approach.The main attractive features are:

  • nine toasting levels

  • reheat and defrost functions

  • memory function for the toasting level

  • smooth ejection

  • automatic bread centration

Sharp LED display has nine lights that light up according to the selected toasting level and function. The lights count down during toasting. You can purchase this One-Slot Toaster-a highly functional item - for a little less than 100 US dollars...
Sea anemone --- giant lamp

Sea anemone --- giant lamp

If you have collection of ceiling room, you could opt for this pendant flash. It will fill up plenty of imagination time, and constitute sure that your room will by no plan look deserted. It’s definitely a modern style light and appears in a variety of colours. It seems a bit like a light that should be featured in some futuristic movie, however that will probably add to the petition for a pleasant deal of community.

The massive light hangs from a transparent electrical cable. It has the name it does, since the seller thinks it looks like a sea anemone. The giant and odd shape of it casts an even more odd shadow, it'd be enough to spook any kid wandering through the house at night. One day a automobile drives past with their headlights casting shadows off of the lamp and it'd end up looking like a sea monster back for a midnight snack. The lamp comes in black, white, green and red.You can purchase it for the very affordable £562.58 or about $774, that’s just pocket change.


Well,here comes another but interesting so-called The Anybot telepresence robot.This telepresence robot has a videophone,as depicted above. But the difference is that both screen and phone are incorporated into a 2 wheeled human sized robot.

Anybot uses technology that always remain upright even while bending. This may be , what i guess bieng a "B-E electronics" student is it may look down on your minions even when you’re away from the office.

The Anybot telepresence robot has a top speed of 6 MPH, a built in laser pointer (maybe we see a gun in later versions), 2 cameras and full duplex audio. Isn't that a cool gadget?? Guys like us may use this idea in the final year project, think upon??...

A week before our university had a open house i-e project display and our seniors had a project not similar to the above mentioned but quite closer to.The robot was designed to calculate the distance of any object coming in his way with the help of two cameras and then applying disparity calculation algorithm. It is woth mentioning here that it was just MATLAB and MICROCONTROLLER programming and just a mechanical assembly....

To request for the description of other projects,feel free to contact at



The Nokia Locate Sensor is a modeat gadget that lets you keep track of your valuables within a range of 100 m by using a really unique application installed on your cell phone.

Just fix the tag to your belongings and use the application to track them

You can keep an eye on more than one item as the application supports up to 100 different tags. The Nokia Locate Sensor can operate efficiently up to 18 days before you need to recharge it.

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